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Full Version: Opinions on transposing songs for performance...
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I'm playing guitar in an acoustic guitar duo
My partner can sing decent
 He has a wider range then me. Where he can sing up to an f#, and I can only sing up to a d (right now)...I want to transpose a few songs so I can sing them. An octave lower is usually too low. So I want to Capo at the 2nd fret or just transpose the actual chords.

Everytime I mention playing a song in a different key then it was originally recorded he says "no one even recognizes the song when u do that" I never had a problem recognising a song when I hear bands change the key of a song. I could see it not working for a electric "rock band". But an acoustic duo doin it i see no problem. Even Judas Priest tunes down a half step nowdayz...

What are ur guyz feelings about this???
If the original key is uncomfortable, transpose; this is a common practice, even among professional musicians.
Most bands play half a step down for a live show. And a number of bands change key and yeah, you can still recognize the song. So, change the key to what works for you guys.