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Full Version: Baritone, G5
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Hi, new to the forum, first post 

I've been singing for years now off & on, never had a vocal lesson but just what I can pick up here & there

I am a, 'baritone' (so I think) & have recently extended my top end range to F5 in pharyngeal 

The highest I can phonate is Ab5.  Much above that is basically whistle of which I do not care, it fits nothing I do stylistically.

My question is this... at F5 I'm very much still in pharyngeal & G5 I go into what I think has been called the, 'reinforced falsetto' sound.

As I'm nearing the top of my range like this I'm trying to be cautious but as there's a real shift between F5 & G5 is it realistic to take pharyngeal up there ever or reinforced falsetto

Basically... 'can a baritone hit G5 in pharyngeal'?

Thanks guys!
I am not good at the technical questions because everyone tends to think something different from the same description. But what I think is, if it sound good and loud and fits what you doing, go for it. And yes, a baritone can sing that high and you can have some distortion on it that makes people think it is pharyngeal or chest voice up high.