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Full Version: We've Moved (Singing Discord)
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We're basically all at the Discord now Smile. I'll try and participate on here from time to time but people seem to prefer Discord as a means to interact. There is a voice chat service and live text chatting that make conversations about the voice much, much easier. A lot of terminology debates simply don't happen because someone can just say "this is what I mean by head voice" and then give an example in real time.

The downside is there are less in-depth debates about every topic imaginable But the upside is that there is less in-depth debate about every topic imaginable haha. It's less about semantics and more about directly improving voices and interacting with other vocalists :p.

Here's the link. Make sure to download the app (either for mobile or PC) if you want access to voice chat otherwise you'll only be able to use the text chat. It's safe!

We have about 600 members right now and there are even spin off discord servers growing! So I think this is probably where voice stuff is going to start being done overall.
Cool. But does that mean you plan to shut down this forum? I know traffic here is deadly slow as a lot of the people go to discord, an app that works really well on a smartphone.