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Help in developing the grit - greglazor - 02-06-2018


im newbie in this forum, so yeah i started to sing early this year inspired by singers like jonny craig n tyler carter, one thing i noticed about jonny craig is that when he tries to sing high there is a little distortion, this is one of my favorites songs by him, u can hear that grit almost all song, i mean i can sing high but that exactly technique is what is hard for me,im self-taught so i dont have i coach so, i wish u could help me or at least understand it n how to perform it or develop it, 

Please Help.

Thanks !

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RE: Help in developing the grit - ronws - 02-07-2018

People around here don't discuss 4 Pillars, really, at all. Either they prefer CVT or other more traditional methods like classical or theater. So, grit is not really mentioned or used here. In fact, I am probably the most rock and roll singer here and I don't use much grit and when I do, I don't think if it as a layer or specific technique, I just relax and whatever my voice can do is what it can do.

RE: Help in developing the grit - Collinizballin - 02-07-2018

You have to train clean tones first and then learn to lean into it without pushing too hard. And even then you probably wont be able to do it all the time, some people have naturally gritty voices and others don't. Your voice is going to want to do what it wants to do, doesn't mean you wont sound good, just means you may not always be able to sound exactly how you want. Also 4 pillars sucks