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RIP Vinnie Paul - ronws - 06-23-2018

I read that Friday 06-22-2018, Vincent Paul, aka Viinnie Paul passed away. He was a drummer and he and his brother, Darrel, whom everyone called "Dimebag" because of his preference for marijuana sold in quantities known as a dime bag, formed the heavy metal band, Pantera in the early 80s. They lived in the Arlington area between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas and worked around a studio called Pantego Sound, in a suburb city known as Pantego. So, the name, Pantera, grew out of that. They had a few important albums and little airplay before they got with singer Phil Anselmo, from New Orleans, La, and came out with the breakthrough album, Cowboys from Hell.

Vinnie was 54 and leaves behind many family, friends, and fans like me.